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National Coffee Day September 29, 2008

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Today is National Coffee Day!!
The U.S. is not the only country that celebrates this holiday. 
Coffee Days in other countries: 
Costa Rica – Septemeber 12
Ireland – September 19
Japan – October 1
To some of us, Coffee Day is everyday!
Vincent Van Gogh once said, ““I have tried to show thecafé as a place where one can go mad.”
Find other coffee quotes here
Take his advice and find a local coffee shop.
Vincent Van Gogh, The Night Cafe, 1888

Vincent Van Gogh, The Night Cafe, 1888


The Science of Ordering Coffee September 26, 2008

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Many people are intimidated when walking into a coffee shop to the point where they order “just coffee” or stick to what they know.  Here is a breakdown that may make it easier to explore coffee shop menus.

Sizes for Expresso Drinks:                                                                             
Small = 1 shot
Medium = 2 shots
Large = 3 shots
If you want more expresso in less liquid, feel free to ask for more shots in your drink(e.g. 3 shots in a small)

Decaffeinated coffee fan?  Almost all drinks can be made with less caffeine so just ask your barista!  While we’re on the topic of preference, do not be afraid to ask a barista for any special changes.  Anything you can think of is likely to be possible to make.

A simple lesson in coffee lingo can make your next visit much more enjoyable.
WARNING: Do not use “Starbucks jargon” at your local coffee shop.  Be warned that the drink
you ordered at Starbucks may not be the same drink that you’ll receive elsewhere.  For example, a “carmel macchiato” at Starbucks is really a vanilla latte with carmel at most coffee shops. 

More in-depth tips can be found here.


Final tip:  Your barista is there to assist you with all of your coffee needs.  Do not feel embarassed about asking questions.  With all of the options available, the only way to find what you like is by asking questions and trying new things. Enjoy.


Cock-A-Doodle Brew September 19, 2008

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Beer has appropriately been made to drink before noon.   New Belgium Brewery and their concotion of Giddy Up, an ale brewed with Lemon Peel and infused with expresso, has caught a huge buzz within its customer base.  Why the name Giddy Up? The creators at New Belgium have posted their pre-Giddy Up brainstorming online to answer that question. 

Bigger brands, like Anheuser-Busch have attempted to combine caffeine with beer but have had little success and unfavorable reviews.

Reviews of the beer can be found online but I would love to hear what locals have to say so please go and try it and report back! 


Marketing has been minimal but here is my suggestion for a commercial!



You can also learn to brew your own coffee-infused beer!


I Spy Art… September 18, 2008

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Fort Collins coffee shops have a long tradition of support local artists.  This allows for a great opportunity for local artists to gain recognition and it also serves as an interesting,
changing wall decor for the rest of us trying to focus on something besides the books in front of us.

Mugs Coffee Shop currently displays art by artists Amanda Marie,Colleen Ford  and Libby Barbee. 

Coffee-themed art by Bryan Collins.  Find more at

Art by Brian Collins



Starry Night Cafe features a local artist’s take on Van Gogh’s Starry Night
The artist put a twist on this famous piece by incorporating pieces of Colorado’s landscape

There are no images online of this so you’ll have to have to take a look for yourself! (It’s hard to miss once you’re inside!)

The Bean Cycle has monthly artists decorating its walls. 
September’s artist is Bryan Collins, who specializes in Lucid Surrealism, Illustrative Art and Custom Vinyl Toys.

Cups Coffee shop features art by Taylor Gallegos.Taylor has had his art displayed at many coffee
shops around Fort Collins in the past including Starry Night and Mugz.


Leftover Coffee Grounds September 14, 2008

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Not a coffee fan?

Now you will be!

Apparently you can use coffee to:

Get rid of that pesky ant pile: Collect used coffee grounds and spread them over the ant hill and tell those ants to find another home! Have a cat problem too? Use coffee grounds and orange peels to put in plants that you want the neighbor’s cat to stay out of. The grounds are also a good nutrient source for soil.

Clean out that nasty ashtray – Coffee grounds can be used to clean any stain resistant surfaces. While you’re at it, why don’t you skip cleaning your ashtray and obtain a new (caffeinated) addiction.

(10 Unusual Uses for Coffee By Ross Wharton)

Dye all of your Easter Eggs brown. It’s totally chic.

Reduce cellulite by mixing hand lotion and coffee grounds. I don’t know if they are lying to me but please get back to me if it works and share your fortune from your mall kiosk and magic coffee potion.

(10 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds by DIY Maven)


Science Nerds Unite September 8, 2008

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Fort Collins was rated #7 America’s Ten Smartest Cities by Forbes magazine in 2006. Overhearing local conversation in coffee shops may or not validate that, depending on location, time and number of young college freshman in the vicinity. Science Café provides a dialogue worth hearing at local coffee shops, bookshops and other community gatherings around the world.

The local Science Café unites scientists and curious citizens in monthly evening discussions at Starry Night Cafe. Each monthly meeting features a notable guest from the science community.

This month’s guest is Dr. Gavin Polhemus who currently is a Physics Instructor at Poudre School District. The topic to be discussed is “The Story of Our Universe”. Interested participants are encouraged to arrive at 5:30 p.m. to get comfortable for the seminar that starts at 6 p.m.

Dates to put on your calendar for future intellectual stimulation:

10.08.2008 – Dr. Thomas O’Shea –Trick or Treat: Bats, Rabies, and other diseases, emphasizing recent findings from a study in Fort Collins.

11.12.2008 – Dr. Sue Kinnamon – A Sense of Taste

12.10.2008 – Dr. Neil Grigg – Water Security on the Front Range

Starry Night Cafe is located in downtown Fort Collins.  Starry Night provides a variety of drinks and snacks to enjoy.  For those that are not into a coffee buzz, Starry Night also offers beer and wine. Space is plentiful, including a small patio as well as a couch area.

Starry Night Cafe
112 S College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 493-3039


Journey to the perfect breakfast

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In order to keep their heads above water in a declining economy, Starbucks introduced a line of breakfast items to its menu this month.  A few test markets with breakfast sandwiches have been set up in various locations over the past two years but the official launch this month has allowed customers to get a heartier start to their day. A full menu of the breakfast line can be found on their website.  Most stores are also offering samples of their new sandwiches, smoothies and drinks.

Although this month was a big month of launches for Starbucks, they have found that making sandwiches slows service, which can result in a loss of customers who just want their early morning buzz in a timely manner and who also like the aroma of coffee, not food, when they walk in to the store.  As rumors float around about the removal of sandwiches from stores, sandwich fans are speaking up.

Some have speculated that this new offering has been a response to McDonalds’ installation of cafes, the McCafe, into its stores. 

Will McDonalds perfect coffee?  Will Starbucks figure out breakfast and compete with its potentially less expensive competitor?  Only time will tell!