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Journey to the perfect breakfast September 8, 2008

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In order to keep their heads above water in a declining economy, Starbucks introduced a line of breakfast items to its menu this month.  A few test markets with breakfast sandwiches have been set up in various locations over the past two years but the official launch this month has allowed customers to get a heartier start to their day. A full menu of the breakfast line can be found on their website.  Most stores are also offering samples of their new sandwiches, smoothies and drinks.

Although this month was a big month of launches for Starbucks, they have found that making sandwiches slows service, which can result in a loss of customers who just want their early morning buzz in a timely manner and who also like the aroma of coffee, not food, when they walk in to the store.  As rumors float around about the removal of sandwiches from stores, sandwich fans are speaking up.

Some have speculated that this new offering has been a response to McDonalds’ installation of cafes, the McCafe, into its stores. 

Will McDonalds perfect coffee?  Will Starbucks figure out breakfast and compete with its potentially less expensive competitor?  Only time will tell!