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Coffee Customers Pay It Forward December 8, 2008

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The month of December presents an atmosphere of joy and giving and in the past few weeks, coffee drinkers have shown that Christmas giving is not just limited to family and friends.

Recently, a line of customers in a Starbucks drive-thru in Des Moines, Iowas decided to “Pay It Forward” one morning by buying each other coffee.  The line started by one lady deciding to buy coffee for the person waiting behind her.  The next person decided to return the favor by buying coffee for the next person in line and the pattern continued for 103 customers.  

Although a Starbucks worker reported that this has happened before, she added that the pattern has never lasted for so many customers before.   This incident has made national news and has spurred customers all over the country to spread a little generosity.  CNN recently covered an incident that occured at a few coffee shops in Loveland and a grocery store in Greeley.

If you have had a similar experience, please feel free to share!