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Coffee Q & A December 4, 2008

    Where does coffee come from?                      
     Coffee beans are produced from a tree that grows the beans three to four  
     years after the seed is planted.  The seed grows into a tree that produces
     a  fruit  called a coffee cherry.  Two coffee beans can be found in the center
    of each cherry.  It takes 2,000 cherries (4,00o coffee beans) to roast a
    pound of coffee.
    Where is coffee grown?

 Coffee is grown all over the world but grows best where there is high altitude, high precipitation and rich soil. Brazil and Colombia are the leading coffee producers. 

Coffee is produced in the countries highlighted in yellow.

Coffee is produced in the countries highlighted in yellow.

How do I grind coffee?

Coffee can be ground at home with a blade grinder or at  a store with a burr grinder.  You will know if you have ground your coffee correctly by the way it tastes.  If your coffee is bitter, it is ground too thin.  If it tastes flat, the coffee isn’t thin enough. 

Can I reuse the coffee grounds in my filter?

No, reusing coffe grounds will produce bitter coffee because all of the desired flavor has been used. 

How much water should I use?

You should use 6 ounces of water for every 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee being used. 

How do I keep my coffee fresh?

Do not freeze or refrigerate coffee.  Exposing it to moisture can cause it to deteriorate.  Coffee should be stored in an air tight glass or ceramic container and in a dark and cool location.    Since coffee begins to lose its freshness right after it is roasted, it is best to buy in small quantities.  A smart tip is to only buy what will be used in the next 1-2 weeks after purchasing. 

For more information on coffee, please visit the National Coffee Association’s website.